heyPsychological drama based on the eponymous play by William Saroyan, 18+

Staging and scenography – Vyacheslav Stepanyan

Composer — Arthur Matinyan

Costume designer — Nelly shakhbazova

Actors and performers:

Guy - Mikayel Aramyan, Alexey Samoylov

Emily - Zita Badalyan

Woman - Sofia Torosian

The Man - Alexey Samoilov, Mikayel Aramyan


Sevak Arutyunyan, Dmitry Pervushin,Edgar Ghazaryan Aghasi Khachatryan

Girlfriend: Victoria Yaremenko, Olga Vasilyeva, Daria Gaponenko, Lira Ailarova

America 30-ies of XX century. Guy — Expat-Armenians in pursuit of success finds himself in a provincial town. "Outsider" does not know "laws" prevailing in the city. And the people who established these "laws" are ruthless and cruel fun of them. And so he sentenced, beaten and thrown in jail. It would seem that life is over silly, ridiculous. But in the most unexpected moment, the world transforms, thanks to the young touching the creation, a miracle sent by Providence in a damp dark prison cell. After all, "must be the man who loves you, even if you're bad". "Hey, anyone!.." is the cry of the soul desperate man, directed into the void... But!.. "Cry out, Yes will be heard... "



Diploma of International theatre festival SAROYAN FEST (Yerevan)(2008)

Laureate diploma Was national theatres "Moscow – city of peace"

Moscow Armenian Theater

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