A Theatrical tale based on the novel by E. porter "Pollyanna" in a dramatization of A, 6+

Director A. Alferov

Artist — A. Atoyan

Costumes — N. Shakhbazova

Musical arrangement — A. Alferov

Actors and performers:

Luismi – Zita Badalyan

Miss Marie – Sophie Torosyan

Nancy Victoria Yaremenko, Natalia Tuchkova

Mr Pendleton – Alexey Samoylov

Dr. Chilton – Anton Afanasyev

Mrs. snow – Lira Ailarova

That Dmitry Pervushin.

This is not a Comedy, although there really have what smile. It's not a tragedy, though to cry! The genre is probably still one of the biblical stories, no matter how high it is compared. The action takes place in the beginning of the 20th century. An Armenian girl named Luismi, which means "Light", having lost relatives during the genocide and moved to America, to a wealthy aunt living in a small town in southern USA. No it was not needed and not interesting, even the relative. No one pities the orphan, but to her it isn't necessary! Her heart is full of love for people, she is willing to teach lessons of kindness and love to others and able to love everyone and help everyone.


The winner of the VII MTF "Golden knight"(Silver diploma) in the nomination "Theatre for children"

The Winner of VI competition festival of national theaters "Moscow-city of peace"

The Winner of the festival "One nation — one culture" (Yerevan, 2010)

The gold medal of the RA Ministry of Diaspora. William Saroyan, Winner of the Children's Christmas festival "the Tripod" (Moscow, 2013)

Moscow Armenian Theater

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